Celtic MossTM located in Erris Co Mayo is one of the largest specialist topiary only nurseries in Ireland. A business that has been built on quality, service and attention to detail. We take pride in supplying topiary that has been hand cut, tended and trimmed to achieve the best possible results. 

Topiary is a popular garden art which involves the shaping of plants to create sculptural forms. Celtic Moss Ireland's Topiary and Topiary Nurseries can provide a range of topiary including, topiary spirals, pom-pom, cloud pruned, traditional topiary shapes, topiary animals and more

Many plants we have in stock have been trained into traditional topiary forms such as cones, balls, half-standards, cubes, pyramids and spirals, but we also provide avant-garde shapes such as cloud forms in a variety of species and of course a wide range of animal, bird and life form shapes.

At Celtic Topiary we are happy to offer advice on plant care, undertake commissions for specific projects, and help with individual requirements. Simply contact us to discuss your needs, or to arrange a visit to the nursery.

Topiary Pyramids:

Topiary Pyramids are available in Box and English Yew (Taxus baccata). They come in various sizes and are measured in terms of height and width of base. Pyramids have straight, flat surfaces and come in three or four sided topiary.

Topiary Cloud & Pom - Pom:

A recent addition to our nursery are the extremely popular cloud shapes - available in Box, Holly, Pine, Yew and small leaf privet. Some are trained to resemble clouds while others are trained to look like pompoms. Usually the Japanese holly and pine resemble cloud shapes while the box, other types of holly and privet are more circular in appearance. They can make a fascinating central piece to your garden design, be an integral part of your Japanese garden or placed in pots to enjoy on your patio or decking. 

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