Sphagnum Celtic Moss Celtic MossTM located in Erris Co Mayo is one of the largest specialist Moss, Sphagnum Moss, Lichen, Topiary Nurseries in Ireland. A business that has been built on quality, service and attention to every detail in Moss Production and supplying. We take pride in supplying moss products that has been hand cut, tended and trimmed to achieve the best possible results. 

Sphagnum Moss For Garden Centre - 

Sphnagum moss is boxed in cool case, labelled and send to your Garden Centre.  Ideal for hanging baskets, tubs etc

This is available in 2 sizes, Small Box and Large Box which is well packed in secure Thermocole Box and contains Sphagnum Moss for lots of planting.

  • Small Box  30.00
  • Large box  60.00


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About Sphagnum Moss: is a versatile plant. One of the most versatile potting mediums for orchid growers is Sphagnum moss. It is the only moss which has been used commercially in both the live, dried and dead forms. Many cultures have used this plant for its sterile, anti-microbial properties and its ability to hold up to 14 times its own weight in water.

Sphagnum moss is composed of minute tubes and spaces creating the effect of a very fine sponge. The cells readily absorb and retain water. The water can be squeezed out and the moss will not collapse leaving it ready to take in water again. 

Sphagnum Celtic Moss is used extensively by exporters of orchid plants around the world to grow small orchids and then ship them. The moss holds water during the shipment time and provides a clean medium that is allowed by most countries for import. This has become a largely sustainable harvest in certain areas of the world such as Canada, Ireland, France, Germany, Holland, Netherland, New Zealand and Chile where the mosses grow naturally.

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