Celtic MossTM located in Erris Co Mayo is one of the largest specialist Moss, Sphagnum Moss, Lichen, Topiary Nurseries in Ireland. A business that has been built on quality, service and attention to every detail in Moss Production and supplying. We take pride in supplying moss products that has been hand cut, tended and trimmed to achieve the best possible results. 

Decorative moss for the Florist - 

A selection of different varieties of decorative Sphagnum Moss is boxed in cool case labeled and ready for dispatch to your Florist Business any European country Netherlands, France, the UK, Germany, Holland etc.

This is available in 3 different sizes, Small Medium and Large Boxes which well packed in secure Thermocole Box and contains the highest quality mosses.

It sells at  

  • 14.50 Small Box
  • 24.50 Medium Box
  • 29.50 Large Box

 For large orders  or wholesale buyers please Register to avail special deals or Email Us for wholesale prices.

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