Celtic Mulch Moss IrelandCeltic MossTM located in Erris Co Mayo is one of the largest specialist Moss, Sphagnum Moss, Lichen, Topiary Nurseries in Ireland. A business that has been built on quality, service and attention to every detail in Moss Production and supplying. We take pride in supplying moss products that has been hand cut, tended and trimmed to achieve the best possible results. 

Celtic Mulch From Ireland - 

In agriculture and gardening, mulch is a protective cover placed over the soil, to retain moisture, reduce erosion, suppress weed growth and seed germination, and provide nutrients as they decay. Mulching in gardens and landscapes mimics leaf cover on forest floors.

Celtic mulch is a 100% organic  soil fertiliser for Plants, flower beds and vegetable gardens.  Its  ingredients are Sphagum moss, seaweed and liquid seaweed.  Its use promotes faster growth as it releases.

minerals in the soil and it also retains water in the ground for longer periods during dry spells and reduces the need for more regular watering. 

It can also be applied to existing flower beds to promote growth and placed around plants it will enrich the soil, encourage growth and prevent the growth of weeds in the applied area. 

A mulch garden is amazing – you can get so much with so little investment. Magic Celtic Mulch is available in 2 sizes.

This sells at 30.00 Plus Postage.


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About Celtic Mulch Moss: The green of moss is one of the most intense greens we can encounter in our natural environments. The beauty of moss is used in floral design and in gardening with decorative mosses. Moss is different than other plants, in fact they form their own division separated from grasses, flowers or trees.

Moss is very old, it developed already about 450.000 years ago from algae. Moss has no blooms and no fruits, it reproduces via rhizoid growth and spores. There are an estimated 25000 different moss species of which more than 10000 are classified, many of them can only be discerned with a microscope. 

The characteristic difference to flowering plants is that moss does not develop a typical vascular system, which consists of specialised cells that provide mechanical strength for the plant structure and water/nutrient transport channels. Moss consists of multi-cellular rhizoids which typically spread on their support or on the ground. Mosses only around 15 different cell types whereas flowering plants have more than 50 different cell types.

Also moss does have no roots. The sexuality of moss is also quite weird. The diploid spores are build on a so called haploid saprophyte, which grows on a haploid gametophyte. So the moss we see occurs always in two more or less different forms of the gametophyte, typically the beautiful green web or pad, and the saprophyte, which often can be recognised as upright stalk with small spore capsules at the end. Apart from reproduction through spores moss spreads mostly by vegetative reproduction.

 Moss is anchored in the ground or other support by a colourless or reddish rhizoid, which is not a root in botanical sense, because the rhizoid is only supplying nutrients and no water. Putting only the rhizoid into water will not prevent a moss from drying out.

Celtic Mulch Moss Ireland


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