Celtic Moss is located in Erris, Ireland on the most extreme western part of europe in the North Atlantic. Famous for its sceenery,  thousands of acres of  lonely moorelands  and woodlands and of course its unpredicable weather. Its a land of ever changing skies. Our weather is dominated by the North Atlantic Drift current, this keeps our winters milder and gives much rainfall. Ireland is known for its many shades of green in its landscape. This is due to the heavy rainfall and mild weather and are ideal conditions for the growth of the many differnet varieties of sphagnum mosses that can be found here.

Celtic Moss was set up initally to grow, harvest and supply some of the finest and greenest decorative sphagnum  moss to Florists who used it in their flower arrangements  as it brought life to exotic arrangements and also to their Potted plants and potted bowls. Celtic moss is a well known grower and supplier of sphagnum moss in Ireland, Germany, the UK, Netherlands, Holland. Celtic Moss also found their customes were more attracted to arrnagements that included varieties of Decorative sphagnum Moss, Sphagnum Peat Moss, Moss Mulch etc and of course made their flower shop more unique and increased sales.

Also required by Garden Centres for Hanging Baskets and tubs. Such was the demand for the variety of  sphagnum moss supplied that the business grew to the level it is at today with Celtic Moss being supplied to Holland, throughout  Europe and the USA.  Used by the best Floral designers in the world for their arrangements, Large garden displays, conferences and TV advertising.

Sphagnum moss is 100% organic and is harvested by hand in the west coast. It holds up to 20 times its own weight in water and is ideal for Tubs and Hanging baskets to prevent drying out.

During Harvesting great care is taken to leave enough moss to allow regeneration which takes 24 to 36 months

Commercial and large orders can be purchased at wholesale prices if you wish to register on our site as a wholesaler or simply send us an email.

Whether you are a Florist, horticulturalist or simply you would like a peice of the Emerald Isle known for its forty shades of green we will endeavour to supply the best sphagnum moss to be found anywhere in the world.